Costs and Pricing

Best times to choose

Timing is key and we know when the grid is at its cheapest. That’s when we pick the moment and buy it when it is at the lowest. Our foresight allows us to use a low quantity of power at peak times. The longevity of equipment which means less taxing and deprecation reduced.

Our market is unlimited and can outreach to everyone since everyone including every business needs power. all businesses want to minimise their energy costs. The pure cost value will be determined by what the company controls energy in that household. What PowerHQ tries to do is a game-changer for anyone that wants to save and have more control over what they do with their energy.

Pricing will vary depending on what energy provider you are with, this all comes down to the type of area you live in. with all the variables being if you live in a non-contestable area or a contestable is all said in the following site.