AWS IoT Greengrass

What Is AWS IoT Greengrass?

Technology, the biggest triumph of mankind whether it comes to simple appliances at home or large scale cloud servers we can agree that it’s come along way. The technology we are proposing to you is named AWS IoT Greengrass, Greengrass is software that amplifies the capabilities of the cloud and benefits AWS IoT Core to the edge. This allows devices to enable them to collect and analyse data closer to the source of information. AWS IoT Greengrass developers can use AWS Lambda and prebuilt connectors to create serverless applications that are deployed to devices for execution. Keeps device data in sync, and communicate with other devices securely – even when not connected to the Internet.

AWS IoT Greengrass makes it possible for customers to build IoT devices and application logic. AWS IoT Greengrass provides cloud-based management. Locally deployed Lambda functions and connectors are triggered by local events, messages from the cloud or other sources. All devices securely communicate on a local network and exchange messages with one another without even having to connect to the cloud. Greengrass provides a local message manager that can buffer messages if the connection becomes lost so that all messages inbound or outbound in the cloud are saved and secured. The AWS IoT Greengrass protects user data through secure authentication and authorisation of devices, secure connectivity between local devices and the cloud. The security credentials stay functional while in a group until it is revoked, even if connectivity is disrupted with the cloud so the devices will still communicate locally.

Prerequisites for AWS IoT Greengrass

First off to be able to start all this you need to have A Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+, with an 8 GB microSD card, or an Amazon EC2 instance. Because Greengrass should ideally be used with physical hardware, A Raspberry Pi is the recommended choice for this. You will need a Mac, Windows PC, or a UNIX-like system. An Amazon Web Services account and select the region that supports AWS IoT Greengrass. Don’t switch your amazon region because it can create problems. The problems that persist when changing regions are a lot of downtimes and possible loss of information.

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