Welcome to the latest approach in Power Management



Welcome to the latest approach in Power Development

Power is on the verge of giving out, almost crisis hours are upon us. need to start from the bottom and work our way to the big issues and that’s where we come in. Everyone is talking about the bigger picture but no one is figuring out how to get into that stage. It may seem like the brighter idea but there needs to be building blocks required and PowerHQ can do just that.

The smartest and most affordable choice for your energy requirements. An entirely new way to manage power.

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About PowerHQ

PowerHQ is apart of TranslatorHq and run by the same willing team that brings you that amazing service. Now they are working towards something more, something else and that what you are seeing before you now. We here at PowerHQ strive in providing the ultimate package to anyone that desires the best and professional service.


Our goal at PowerHQ is to provide customers with quality assurance and well a product that works for them. Our business model is a simple but effective one, buying from us is essentially saving money and a lot of it. We want you to have the smoothest transition when coming or have an existing account, no issues and no setbacks.

Offering a better solution to managing your power usage to the finest extent, using both new and existing connections without tech.


The biggest issue for most consumers is that they do not know what to do or which company to choose from so it comes down to us and how we can make sure we are the right choice. Our standouts are our superior method of consultation and customer support, which stands high above most other companies as you will soon tell once you choose us.


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